Film & TV

Studios + Workshops

Providing rapid-response to the ever changing requirements of the film industry. We have extensive experience in the design, construction and delivery of short-term and permanent studio space for both studio operators and major global content providers.

We understand the space constraints of existing studios and can advise on ways to facilitate short term requirements, which are often required faster than national planning timeframes will permit. We provide guidance on the most appropriate methods to deliver production needs in the fastest time possible. 

TP Architects have worked alongside studio operators in designing and delivering purpose made studio spaces as well as reviewing opportunities to expand renowned UK studios. Understanding the ever-increasing demand to support major global content providers and their specific needs we can advise on space requirements, technical design, and planning restrictions for short and long term leases. 

Sustainability is at the heart of TP Architects ethos and is incorporated into all of our proposals. Understanding the end-users requirements we can tailor the design to become an expression of their corporate brand identity and carbon pledges. TP Architects can assist with delivering temporary or permanent studio solutions for sound stages, production support facilities and workshops.