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Wargrave Park detached propertyWargrave Park detached propertyWargrave Park detached property

Wargrave Park

A development of seven detached properties for Millgate Homes

Value: £3.5 million


Responsibility involved the design and planning for a development of seven high quality detached houses on land previously occupied by two existing properties for Millgate Homes. Traditional materials and designs were used to produce an upmarket housing scheme.


The site is located at the centre of the historic Thames-side village of Wargrave and a sensitive design approach was required to overcome local opposition and to achieve planning consent, whilst maximising the opportunities of the site.


Inserting the development behind existing hedgerows and restricting ridge heights has minimised the impact on the character of the area and intrusion on neighbouring properties. Landscaping and careful placement of the properties further obscures views of the development from the existing lane.